All I Know Is Where I Started 2013

Travelling creates a constant change of perspective. I like the word ‘epiphany’: a sense of being in the moment, and the realization of new and deeper insights. Laurie Anderson describes this sensation when she talks about ‘walking and falling’ on her 1982 album ‘Big Science’.

In May 2013 I converted my Peugeot Partner to a mobile studio and undertook a quest to the mythical stairs of Mycenae on the Greek peninsula of Peloponnesos. Triggered by the stairs connecting the ‘Hide and Show’ exhibition space with the cellar, I’ll carry out a performance: ‘All I know is where I started’, of which only the residue will be shown in the exhibition.

The cellar is considered as the underworld, a place where the unexpected can arise or disappear. I’ll use the notion of ‘stairs’ as a metaphor for transition: a continuously shifting physical and mental state of being. The photographic images made during my trip, are part of the installation and function as a starting point for objects and costumes that are being used in the performance.

In ‘All I know is where I started’ costumed creatures like ‘Dropstein’ appear. Dropstein symbolizes the notion that you become what you’ve experienced, much like a cave’s stalactite is gradually constructed by new drops of water, that build upon the older ones.

*(Dropstein: derived from the German word ‘Tropfsteinhöhle‘).

'Oracle Soup'
in collaboration with Kris Delacourt